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About bodyvoice work

Body voice work embraces a broad territory and is embedded in a vision which recognizes that all humans can sing and manifest through the voice and body extraordinary dimensions of self and spirit. It includes a multi-layered approach to training through a creative interplay of cross-disciplinary work, actively drawing together training in acting, voice, breath, and movement with insights from psychological theory and traditional practices of a spiritual nature related to the voice. Body voice practices encompass an interplay of voice, movement, and imagery.

Body voice singing lessons

The body voice approach is suitable for any adult wanting to strengthen the connections of their voice and body, and is particularly well suited for singing. Whether you are a beginner, perhaps one who has been told that they canít sing, an experienced singer, or somewhere in between, a short series of body voice sessions will help you connect more actively with your breath and body, the foundations of your voice and creativity.

Individual body voice sessions are $80 or $50 concession for one hour. A short series of four to six sessions is generally recommended to give time and space for the work to take effect. Contact John,


Body voice work draws on many traditions and techniques. These include the voice and movement work of Zygmunt Molik (Polish Theatre Laboratory), the extended voice work of Linda Wise (Pantheatre and the Roy Hart Theatre), the Experience of Breath work of the Middendorf Centres in Berlin and Berkeley, California, Michael Chekhov's acting system, especially through Dawn Langman, the Voice Movement Therapy work of Paul Newham, the acting trainings of Cristina Castrillo (Teatro della Radici) and Zophia Kalinska, the voice work of Loris Synan, David Hykes, Sonja Kehler, Frankie Armstrong, and the Oki-Do yoga and theatre work of Takao Nakazawa.


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