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The six Tuesdays will combine Composition Training, which focuses on sharing performance making processes from some of the leading contemporary artists Leisa has had the opportunity to work with over the last thirty years, and Provocations, which offers the possibility to take each composition session into direct relationship with the making of new performance material.

Each week will alternate between an investigation of core principles and strategies FOR the making of new work and the showing OF new work through provocation tasks.

This body of work aligns with the Responsive Performance Training as an act of transmission actively focussing on enabling and developing each participants intuitive and responsive relationship to the processes offered in the context of their own independent practice.

The training aims to offer a deeper understanding of and relationship to the interconnectedness of the body and voice within authentic performance language, and privilege the maker as the primary source of rich and extraordinary material.


The training is led by Melbourne based artist Leisa Shelton, and focuses on creating continuous opportunities for individuals to develop their practice by working within a community of artists toward new directions for contemporary performance.

Leisa’s teaching practice in performance has seen her as Head of Physical Performance at the VCA, Melbourne 1998-2004, Head of VCA Post Graduate Performance Making, 2007-2012 and as a guest artist of TTRP Singapore, TNUA Taiwan, DasArts Amsterdam and at major national gatherings and institutions across Australia.

Her current practice focuses on the development of multidisciplinary projects within Social, Community and Culturally engaged contexts.

She is co-curator with the Venice International Performance Art Week, initiator and director of the Taipei/Melbourne eXchange and currently touring her recent work Mapping with Experimenta biennial of Media Arts.

Her latest work SCRIBE has just been presented in the UK as part of the 2016 SPILL Festival of Live Art and will return to Melbourne in 2017 across 3 venues for DANCE MASSIVE.


The training is open to artists of all backgrounds and core skill bases, from performance to making, installation to writing - all artists seeking greater clarity in their current practice and interested in considering structures and strategies to re-define their current practice toward stronger future outcomes.

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DRAWING BREATH - a 2 day collaborative workshop with Leisa Shelton and James McAllister.

This project is based in the argument that both DRAWING and PERFORMANCE are intimate acts of shifting the ‘idea’ from the cerebral to the concrete realm, generating a visible trace or document of our engagement with the world. It is interested in the shared investigation of how we think, act, describe, demonstrate, document, calculate and communicate our experience through these processes.

Across the two days we will investigate the interrelationship between the breath, the drawn line and a shared practice of marking space both physically and texturally, via a number of processes and propositions which use the primary material of the body and a selection of simple, unpigmented, carbon based materials.

The workshop aims to offer ways to consider extending the lines and boundaries of the seemingly independent languages of drawing and performance practice and their shared relationship.

It is open to performers, visual artists and all curious practitioners.

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